DALKO has over 75 years of experience in the transportation industry and has strong relationships with the premier carriers in all facets of transportation. We specialize in serving the Railroad Industry. Our CEO has served on the National Association of Purchasing Managers Transportation Rail Group committee as Vice Chairman and the Rail Group Packaging committee, as well as being a former member of the NIT League. He is also a current member of RSI, CSCMP, CARS and the NDTA.

Why D.A.L.K.O ?

DALKO's name was derived by combining each member of the family's middle initial.

Lenny D. Grandy

Melissa A. Sager

Richard L. Grandy

Deana K. Grandy

Leonard O. Grandy

Our Story

DALKO Resources, Inc. started operations in December of 2002. Leonard O. Grandy, having been in charge of transportation and logistics for a major corporation, felt he could help other companies by providing co-operative pricing in the marketplace. The first business was conducted in the basement of his home with two employees. Over the years, the company has continued to grow and expand, and now has national and international presence with a multitude of employees worldwide.


Len GrandyLeonard O. Grandy

Owner/Chief Executive Officer

DALKO is a company blessed by God ! The DALKO family is honoring our blessing by living and operating the company with the utmost integrity never compromising for any reason." (Proverbs 20:7 ) “ A righteous person lives on the basis of his integrity. Blessed are his children after he is gone... “ 

Deana GrandyDeana K. Grandy

Owner/Corporate Treasurer

"At DALKO Resources, our employees are our most treasured asset. We value our people above all else and find a family-based approach to recruiting, grooming, and maintaining a loyal team to be very successful. When people know we truly care about them—they tend to go the extra mile. Satisfied employees are simply more productive and more efficient. They tend to work harder, contribute more, and call in sick less. Our employees are our strength."

Lenny GrandyLeonard D. Grandy

Owner/ Executive Vice President

"At DALKO Resources, our customers are considered part of our family. We are more than appreciative for the relationships and friendships that we have developed over the years. Our internal philosophy is extremely simple. Treat every customer like family and provide them with the best tools available in the industry. It creates an environment for satisfied customers that will be a part of you forever. Thank you for letting us serve you."

Melissa SagerMelissa A. Sager

Owner/Corporate Secretary

"At DALKO, our customers entrust their financial needs to us. It's more than moving cargo and providing customer service. Our customers rely on our stringent billing and freight bill auditing practices to assure cost savings and accurate invoicing. Our team is crucial in optimizing revenue and expediting reimbursement. One of the most important aspect to running any business – big or small, privately held or public corporation - is billing.  Let our billing team be an extension of your business. " 

Rick Grandy Richard L. Grandy


"Operational excellence allows DALKO to continue  growing within a very demanding marketplace. Our team of logistics professionals truly go the extra mile to assure superior customer service and on-time performance. Building relationships with our customers and vendors separates us from our competitors. Our belief is that to be successful we must maintain a hands on approach while integrating technology as necessary. Our most valued talents are those of our people. Let our operations team work for your business."